World Vision Romania

Donate a future for the needy children in villages!

World Vision Romania has launched the community development program “Future donator”, inviting individual donators to get involved in changing the future of a child in the rural environment and that of the entire community where he lives through monthly donations of 68 RON. Thus, every person donating for a child is really helping all of the children living in that community to have a chance at a better future. The program takes place in villages in the counties of Dolj, Vâlcea, Cluj and Vaslui.

With only 68 RON per month, the donator can help the sponsored child, as well as other children in the community, to have access to education, medical services, to be protected and to actively participate in turning the community into a better place. Their parents shall also have more professional and entrepreneurial opportunities. At the same time, the donor will be able to meet the child that he is supporting, will be able to write to him or meet him. The donor receives monthly information about the progress in the community and sees how, slowly and with his help, a child and, at the same time, an entire community is transformed.

Habitat for Humanity Romania

We can fight poor living conditions with your help!

Raisa, one year old and Mădălin, three years old, have a chance to start over, along with their mother, Loredana. They are going to move into a new house, where they will be able to enjoy their childhood. Loredana did something that moved a whole country. The woman, who comes from a large and extremely poor family, returned a wallet that she had found on the street to the police. The wallet contained 1.000 RON and documents and Loredana said that she had never had that much money, but that she never thought about keeping the wallet. When she found the wallet, Loredana was going to the village hall in order to ask for 15 RON to buy milk for her one year old daughter. Habitat for Humanity Romania, with the support of a national television company, of some other companies and good people, started building a house for Loredana and her children. The house is being built in Berca, Buzău.

How you can help Loredana start over:
- Donate to the Habitat for Humanity Romania account. Details on
- Be a volunteer in building the house! Volunteers on the Habitat for Humanity Romania construction site must bear their own transportation, equipment and food expenses and make a donation to support the need to live decently. Ask for details at

Habitat for Humanity is trying to eliminate poor housing and lack of housing in the entire world and make living in decent conditions a problem of conscience and perpetual action by the communities affected by this situation. Habitat for Humanity is a Christian-ecumenic non-profit movement that builds and rehabilitates homes for underprivileged families. The organization was founded in 1976 in the US by Millard and Linda Fuller and revolutionized the concepts of social housing, volunteering and social involvement of the local communities worldwide. In the field of social housing, Habitat for Humanity has become one of the most important organisations in the world. Habitat for Humanity is calling all people, regardless of their social or economic status, to work together, in partnership, in order to reach this goal of eliminating substandard living.

At a global level, Habitat for Humanity International has built over 600,000 safe, decent and accessible residences. Over 3 million people from more than 3000 communities in 80 countries around the world have benefitted from the Habitat programs.

Habitat for Humanity is an active presence in Romania through the national programs and through the affiliate Habitat organizations in Beiuş, Cluj, Piteşti, Rădăuţi, Craiova, Comăneşti, Cumpăna and Ploieşti. So far, more than 3307 needy families from Romania have benefitted from the support of the Habitat for Humanity Romania organisation.

Western Transylvania Studios

About the people that produced the movie “Way of the Danube”.

WTS - Western Transylvania Studios