The “All over again program”

A virtual space solving real issues.

“All over again” is a program initiated by the band Voltaj in order to draw attention to the numerous problems of children and youth. It’s an appeal to all of the band’s friends, to all music lovers to pay more attention to this subject. Concretely, those who want to help can get involved in the projects of two partner organisations – World Vision Romania and Habitat for Humanity Romania. In the last 10 years, the Voltaj team has supported projects, individual cases and has participated in fund raising. However, in order to have a greater impact, a more extended involvement is needed.

“We believe that there is no subject that is more important than the development of children and youth, since our common future is in their hands. We thought about promoting this idea by doing what we do best. That is how the song, the video, the entire project came to be” – says Călin Goia, the lead singer of the band Voltaj.

“All over again” is a mouthpiece for programs dedicated to troubled children and youth. Voltaj’s main partners are two organisations that have also been handling these issues in the projects in which the band has been involved in the last 5 years. Those who want to help can choose one of the projects included in the “All over again” program.

Make the project known. Any share can help a child!

The idea of “All over again”

We have been involved in programs for children and youth for several years, as our music has been a connection with those young in spirit. In the meanwhile, we have become parents and the theme of opportunities for development, opportunities for a decent living has become even closer to our hearts. We now have a better view and understanding of how delicate the balance necessary for a good upbringing is. And we have also witnessed numerous problems. We have decided to draw attention to them and the most adequate way we could find to do this was to put to work what we know how to do in order to support projects that solve concrete problems. That is how the song “All over again” came to be. What followed was a series of happy encounters: with a great director and people from the two organisations that are very involved.